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The company was founded in 1993. From the beginning, we dealt with the production and sale of ornamental and forest trees and shrubs.


Since 2010, a 50-hectare farm located on the border of Greater Poland and Lower Silesia has specialized in the production of Christmas trees.


For many years of cooperation and trade in woody material on the Polish and foreign market, we can boast a lot of experience in the production of trees and shrubs. We introduce modern technologies to our nurseries that allow us to take better care of your Christmas trees.


Caucasian firs, so that they can reach your homes, grow for about 8-10 years. During this time, throughout the year, the trees are subjected to various care treatments to provide you with the highest quality, beautiful and shapely Christmas trees. Every year, in place of the cut Christmas trees, we plant new ones to ensure the continuity of the plantation and a wide selection of Christmas trees in various sizes.


Caucasian fir - Abies nordmanniana,also known as Nordmann's Fir , originally appeared only in the Caucasus Mountains, the band connecting Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia. Fir is a fast-growing species. It grows to a height of about 20-30 meters. The branches in the central part of the crown grow horizontally and are quite densely embedded. Fir has dark green needles 2-3 cm long, and cylindrical cones about 15 cm long.


In Poland and Europe, Caucasian fir is planted mainly for Christmas trees. It can also be found as an ornamental tree in parks and city squares. The main producers are Denmark, France and Germany. Over 100 million of these trees are cultivated in Denmark alone, making this country the main producer and exporter of fir trees in Europe. In Poland, we buy about 5 million Christmas trees every year.


Fir is a very noble Christmas tree. It differs from spruce, apart from its appearance, also in that it can stay in your apartments for a long time - the needles will not fall off, but will dry out. Its soft, delicate and long needles with intense color and beautiful shape will create a festive atmosphere in every home and will make Christmas a long lasting memory.


How do we care about quality?


Fir seeds planted on our plantations come from the Caucasus region and are harvested by hand at a height of more than 20 meters above the ground. The seeds are then transported to nurseries in Poland, Germany and Denmark, where they grow into seedlings within 3 years. We buy them from the best suppliers and plant them on our plantations, which are located on the border of Greater Poland and Lower Silesia.



Every year in our offer:

Caucasian fir - Abies nordmanniana -over 50,000 pieces to choose from every year.

Sprzedaż hurtowa choinek


Wholesale prices from 50 Christmas trees.

We offer Christmas trees from 80 to 300 cm, and their price is fixed (it does not depend on the height and quality class of the tree).


Designated Christmas trees are cut the day before transport and ready to be picked up at the plantation on a previously agreed date.


Wholesale customers are invited to design Christmas trees from September 15th and please contact us by phone in advance.

At the customer's request, the material is packed in a mesh.
The price of the Christmas tree includes packaging.

Easy access to the plantation - close to the S5 route
(Wrocław - Leszno - Poznań)

We take care of the regular shape and symmetry of Christmas trees - we plant them at wide distances and shape each tree every year.

The dark color of the needles is achieved thanks to the deer fertilization of each Caucasian fir.

We offer potted Christmas trees at the same price as cut ones.

Gallery of Christmas trees on the plantation
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Retail sale of Christmas trees

Retail sale

We offer the lowest prices in the region: PLN 60 - 100 / item.

In the season, from December 10, we have over 1500 Christmas trees in our retail offer to choose from.


We give you the option to choose the trees and pick it up at a later date.


At the customer's request, the Christmas tree is packed free of charge in a protective net.

Retail at the point of sale (address below)

Christmas tree gallery - point of sale
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Caucasian fir branches

Fir branches from cut Christmas trees.


Bundles packed 5 kg (to be agreed).


Wholesale (from 50 pieces)


Price: PLN 12 / bunch

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We offer the best quality Christmas trees at low prices for both wholesale and retail customers.
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Plantation Witold Szneider
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tel: +48 601 543 261

Sretail sales:

Klonówiec 3H
State road 5
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Opening hours:
Every day from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
from 10 to 24 December